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Our Services

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Our Services

Security Systems

Luthando Office Touch and Security Services covers all aspects of securing you and your property, we offer a full range of security systems from the home environment to advanced large scale corporate security systems, we offer a complete security solution tailor made to your needs, our security systems include Alarm Systems, CCTV Cameras as well as advanced interactive security systems like DSC and Paradox.

We offer the complete security solution from planning to installation; testing and maintenance, with us you can rest assured that you are secured.

Because of our wide reach and supplier base we are able to offer the highest quality solutions at unbeatable prices, contact us so that we can create a solution tailor made around your needs and budget.

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Event Guarding

Luthando Office Touch and Security Services prides itself in providing the overall security package at special events and exhibition venues across the country, comprising of any live music concerts, product launches, festivals, events and sports meetings. Due to the expertise developed by our personnel over the many years of practical experience, as well as the extensive resources at our disposal, we can provide security and management services at any venue, anytime – simultaneously, in the province and nationally. We feel that, if we look after our staff, they will look after your site. By “looking after”, we mean that we ensure the safety and security of our staff and also their wellbeing, in order for them to do their job comfortably and to their full potential.

Management is committed all SAPS community police forums (CPF) , to help the community fight crime and to inform our staff of syndicates and crime patterns in the area.

Allow us to take care of all your Safety and Security requirements for you, while you focus on what matters to you.

Physical Security Guarding Division

With Luthando Office Touch and Security Services, the owner is involved in the daily operations of all sites. Through previous experience in other Security Companies, the larger Security firms hand over overall Management to Managers and Supervisors, relying more heavily on them to complete the daily Operations, causing a drop in Service Levels to the Client. There is a saying “if you want a job done properly, then do it yourself!” Luthando Office Touch and Security Services do not want to be the biggest; we just want to be the best. Having a smaller guard compliment makes it easier to control and thus ensures constant high service levels.



    Questions you should be asking when validating your security supplier:

    Are the security officers paid accurately and on time, and can they look forward to incentives, recognition and bonuses?

    Does the service provider specialise in your specific industry and can they substantiate their track record?

    Does your service provider implement an anti-bribery policy with their staff?

    Do your service provider’s Directors get involved in the daily operations?

    Do you have access to the Directors direct phone numbers?

    Are all staff members PSIRA accredited?


Physical Security Guarding Division

    Starting A New Site

    Before starting a site, we carry out a full risk assessment on your premises, as crime patterns change and differ from area to area.

    Each staff undergoes a polygraph test and is fingerprinted before starting any new site.

    We request a job description for each post so that there is a clear understanding on the duties that needs to be performed.